Discover the advanced technologies used in our products to maximise performance, breathabillity, comfort and protection.


DRYVENT™ technology has been lab-and-field tested to ensure the best possible durability and function while also maintaining an optimum level of waterproofing and breathability.

The end result is an exceptional waterproof, breathable technology that stays dry inside and out.


Windproof and Wind resistant

The North Face WindWall™ soft shell products are engineered in fully Windproof and Wind resistant options. Our fully windproof options are our most protective, virtually waterproof and windproof they maintain a comfortable level of breathability in colder weather conditions. Wind resistant options are the most versatile, enhanced with stretch and reduced external air permeability, both breathable and water resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of activities and weather conditions.


The North Face® partners with GORE-TEX® to deliver the industry’s most innovative and highest performance waterproof, windproof and breathable weather protection.

GORE-TEX® fabrics lead the industry in providing durable waterproof, breathable protection. The GORE-TEX® membrane is completely impervious to rain, sleet and snow, while allowing perspiration to pass through it from within. Tiny pores in the GORE-TEX® membrane allow perspiration to escape while preventing water from entering. Stay warm, dry, and protected on any adventure.


WINDSTOPPER® offers total wind protection and maximum breathability, combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell, all in one garment.

It keeps you comfortable and provide the freedom of movement you need for enhanced performance in a wide range of activities and weather conditions.


Pertex Equilibrium has been engineered with a duplex weave construction. Weather protection is provided by a densely woven outer that offers wind resistance and sheds light rain and snow. The inside of the fabric has a more open weave to help move moisture away from the user, improving the level of comfort. Pertex Equalibirum fabrics keep you warm and dry while remaining soft to the touch, tough and durable, and lightweight.